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We are a highly specialized debt and risk management service provider with expertise in the USA, Canada, Central Europe, Russia/CIS as well as China and the Balkan/Adriatic Region.

Our services include:

Information reports

We offer quality reports on companies from our external partners in CIS countries, in the Adriatic/Balkan region as well as in most other European countries. A wide range of only official sources is being used. Besides administrative and financial data they also include additional, compliance relevant information.

Group reports

DELCREDA offers comprehensive group reports including the most important financial indicators of all relevant group companies. This analysis includes also the general managers of the companies who happen to hold the position of being the only persons who can take decisions for the company.

Group report can be delivered within 4-5 working days.

Premium report

A Premium Report includes the following information about the requested company:

  • Administrative data: registration- and tax numbers
  • Address
  • Type of business activity
  • Registered share capital
  • Bank details
  • General management and other functions of the general management at other companies
  • Share holders / owners and other functions of these share holders/ owners at other companies
  • Balance sheets and profit and loss accounts
  • Selected financial indicators and coefficients
  • Affiliated companies, branches, daughter companies and/or other companies registered at this address
  • Foreign trade activities: imports and exports, licenses
  • Number of employees
  • Import categories according to TN VED, countries of origin
  • Export categories according to TN WED, destination countries
  • Carried out inspections as scheduled by government agencies of different sectors
  • Graphical comparisons of financial indicators of a business sector and about the company of up to the last 15 years

Since Premium reports could be fairly extensive we offer you to chose the relevant modules for your individual company profile. This profile will be saved in our system and will be applied for every information report order. Please address this issue with us when placing an order.

Trade Credit Insurance

We are cooperating with all major credit insurers: Atradius, Coface, Euler Hermes, Zürich, Credendo Group; in the USA also with AIG, Markel and Chubb, in Brazil with Mapfre, in Russia with Credendo Rus, Soglasie, Exiar; in the Balkan also SID-PKZ, Triglav, HKO and in the UK with the Lloyds Market.
In Western Europe we are partner of specialized credit insurance brokers, who are usually not licensed for this business in the US or Canada. We are supporting them in their activities for their clients with business in China, Europe or Russia/CIS, mainly regarding policy and credit limit issues.

We offer our experience of combined more than 25 years in this special segment:

  • Intensive analysis of needs and requirements of the prospect
  • Work out a fitting policy arrangement
  • Negotiations with the insurer regarding an optimal coverage
  • Support in achieving adequate credit limits and acceptance ratio
  • Assistance with the implementation of a policy
  • Training of the employees in charge of the day today handling of the policy
  • Advise in day to day business, especially in fulfillment of all obligations of the insurance policy
  • Management of the prolongation of the contract or rearrangement of the cover concept
    Cover details

Brokering trade credit insurance (cover of losses due to non-payment of business partners) is a very specialized b2b service. As this service is continuously upgrading in different countries there is a wide range of product variations, clauses and also obligations. Always depending on the individual company needs this applies among others to:

  • Policy coverage
  • Domestic, export / definition of insurable portfolio / single risk cover / short term, medium term
  • Type of premium
  • Turnover premium: on insured clients / on insured turnover
  • On balance outstanding: from insured clients / from insured receivables
  • On credit limits
  • Fixed
  • Franchises
  • Self retention (10-20%)
  • Each and every loss
  • Threshold
  • Annual aggregate
  • manufacturing risk cover, seasonal credit limits, top up cover, run in- run off cover…
    DELCREDA China Desk

In order to comply with the growing demand of our clients for covering their domestic
business in China as well as their exports to China, DELCREDA has set up its DELCREDA China
Desk. The main tasks of this China Desk are

  •  To provide transparency in a very nontransparent market – information about local
    buyers and market processes are key.
  • To provide the best possible trade credit insurance coverage to our clients – often by
    negotiating individual solutions with relatively unexperienced trade credit insurers
  • To support our clients in non-payment situations

For this purpose, our Chinese expert Xin Yang works with two leading Chinese insurance
brokers to make sure that local government guidelines are respected and the negotiated
insurance solutions being implemented to full effect.
DELCREDA China Desk coordinates all communication with our client’s local office, its head
office and Chinese insurers.


In Europe we are cooperating with European providers of receivables based financing. We can provide you with expert assistance in choosing the optimal solution - in the US and Canada most local providers are our partners.